Testing Integration

Initial Settings

Before starting the integration testing session the Merchant will receive the Intrapay Merchant Account settings which include the merchant ID, the merchant passcode, the testing URLs and any other relevant information. Also, the Backoffice credentials will be provided in order to have full acccess to reporting and other features.

Testing URL: https://payment.intrapay.com

Sandbox Testing

The merchant will start the integration testing session and will perform the sandbox testing. This can be accomplished by using the test cards listed below in order to ensure that the protocol has been implemented accordingly (parameter list specific for each API method, url-encoded parameters, SHA1 signature etc). The sandbox testing method will not perform any real money transactions, those transactions would also become available on the merchant backoffice testing account.

To iron out any technical issues the merchant can schedule a testing session with the designated Intrapay Integration Support Engineer (who can access data in the system in realtime and eliminate errors or misconfigured requests).

Test Credit Cards

Please see below a list with credit card details used for testing several possible responses from the Intrapay platform (sandbox mode and test mode with reportig data).

Please note that the test cards listed below must have their Expiry Date still valid (any date in the future will do). Also any other protocol parameters required for the API method must be valid as well as the protocol signature in order to return the desired response.

Test Cards

Card NumberCVV2Description
4773654827386427777Approved or Authorized transaction
5453010000066167777Approved or Authorized transaction
4773654827386427444Declined transaction
5453010000066167444Declined transaction

Test amount for Refunds

Please see the amount that may be used for testing responses from the Intrapay platform (sandbox mode) on the Refund flow.

Test amount for Refunding

1.11Refund Pending
Amount not exceeding the test transaction amountRefunded

Test Email for Deposits

Please see below emails that may be used for testing successful responses from the Intrapay platform (sandbox mode) on the Deposit flow.

Test emails for Deposit API

test1@test.com (Only for Deposit - Customer)Requested
Any other emailDeclined

LIVE Environment Testing

After successful initial sandbox testing the merchant will schedule a LIVE Environment testing session. Upon successful results the Merchant will be in production mode ready for live transactions.

Please note that a valid HTTP call in production environment should always be originated from merchant's secured production servers using SSL and http POST method for improved security and in order to be validated and executed by our System.

Production (LIVE) URL: https://payment.intrapay.com