Status & Response Codes

Response Codes

Response CodeDescription
6Customer Pending Approval
7Refund pending
8Pending Processor Response

Reason Codes

Reason CodeDescription
1Transaction is approved
2Transaction is declined
5Customer canceled transaction
6Customer pending approval from bank
7Refund registered and pending
8Transaction state awaits Gateway response
10Transaction is authorized
24Transaction is voided
40Transaction is refunded
42Transaction has changed to chargeback
80Transaction is pending processing
100Not a secure connection
101Invalid HTTP method
102Field missing
103Field invalid
104Authentication failed
105General error
106Duplicate order or reporting call
107Antifraud reject
108Bank redirect
109Transaction not found
110Transaction is invalid
111Bank Timeout
112The payment session has expired
120API not supported
140Refund not supported
160Recurrent transaction not supported
180Currency not supported for Merchant
181Currency and Country not matched
185MCP Rates Datafeed has expired
200Bank Decline
201Insufficient Funds
202Do Not Honor
203Stolen Card
204Invalid Card
205High Risk
206Contact Card Issuer
207Card blacklisted by the bank
208Restricted Card
209Expired Card
210Transaction not allowed to customer
211Invalid CVV
212Do not retry transaction
213Exceeds Withdrawal Amount Limit
300Card not enrolled to 3DS
3013DS is required
3023DS timeout
3033DS Attempt
3043DS Failed
305Issuer not participating
3063DS Fully Authenticated
504Antifraud reject - Amount limit settings
505Antifraud reject - Email velocity
506Antifraud reject - IP velocity
507Antifraud reject - Card velocity
508Antifraud reject - Card Brand disabled
1044Invalid Reporting token