Processing Methods

Web Redirect - Customer Direct

This is the one-step (single API call with customer redirect) version of the Web Redirect transaction described in the previous section. The card holder finalizes the transaction on a 3rd party site not in the merchant system; the card details (number, expiry date and security code or CVV / CV2) are entered either on the merchant page, Intrapay secured page (or the Acqurier).

To implement this method:

  1. The merchant securely obtains all the information needed to start a transaction;
  2. The merchant initiates a HTTPS POST method to the Intrapay endpoint URL with all the necessary information and MUST redirect the customer in the same API call to the Payment platform.
  3. The system will respond to the Merchant by redirecting back the customer to the designated return URL used above;
  4. The Merchant shows the result of the transaction to the end user.

Web Redirect - Customer Direct fields

Order (pSign)Field NameDetailsMinMaxTypeRequired
01merchantIDMerchant id supplied by Intrapay18NumberYes
02amountThe purchase amount (ex. 1.99)112DecimalYes
03currencyThe purchase currency (ISO 4217)33StringYes
04orderIDThe unique Merchant Order ID164StringYes
05returnURLMerchant URL that will handle the customer redirect back1300StringYes
06notifyURLMerchant URL for server to server asynchronous notifications1300StringNo
07customerIPCustomer's IP (IPv4 only)750StringNo
08customerEmailCustomer's email address1120StringYes
09customerPhoneCustomer's telephone number716StringYes
10customerFirstNameCustomer's first name1128StringYes
11customerLastNameCustomer's last name1128StringYes
12customerAddress1Customer's address line 11128StringYes
13customerAddress2Customer's address line 21128StringNo
14customerCityCustomer's city name1128StringYes
15customerZipCodeCustomer's zip / postal code116StringYes
16customerStateProvinceCustomer's state / province1128StringNo*
17customerCountryCustomer's country code (ISO 3166-2)22StringYes
18customerDobCustomer's Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd)1010StringNo*
19routingStringGateway bank route if option is available164StringNo
20saveCardRegister the Credit Card details for future recurrent transactions (flag: `1` enable)11Enum (0,1)No
21descriptionTransaction or Product short description164StringNo
22csidPlease contact techsupport if you need to pass this parameter11000StringNo*
23cardNumberCustomer's card number1226StringNo**
24cardCVV2Customer's card security card code36StringNo**
25cardExpiryDateCustomer's card expiration date; format [mmyy]44StringNo**
26cardHolderNameCustomer's card holder name (Name on Card)364StringNo*
27pSignThe SHA signature used to secure protocol4040StringYes

*  Please note that some Gateways / Banks do not support/use these parameters, or may consider them as mandatory! Our technical team will specify if any of these are required/supported.

** Dependent fields. Either all exist or none.

Other Fields (Not included on pSign)

Field NameDetailsMinMaxTypeRequired
languagePage translation. Values: de, en, fr, tr. (Default: en)22StringNo

Example Web Redirect - Customer Direct request:




The Intrapay platform will redirect the user back to the Merchant`s Website using the `returnURL` sent earlier. For full reference (fields table and examples), please consult the section "Intrapay Response fields in customer redirect back" from the previous section!

Example Web Redirect - Customer Direct response: