Processing Methods

Merchant Asynchronous Notifications

The merchant has the option to use Intrapay server-to-server notifications mechanism. These are very useful especially for Web Redirect transactions, for such cases when the customer / card holder's browser or connection have issues. We strongly advise our merchants to use it for this flow.

However, these notifications would also help for actions triggered from our Backoffice, either by our staff or merchant's operators (such as Refund, Chargeback etc) - actions that alter the transaction state.

The Intrapay system will send a HTTP POST to the Merchant`s Servers using the `notifyURL` parameter set in the initial transaction call or in the redirect call. Please take note that the `notifyURL` defined needs to be in HTTPS for our server to send information to your server. This call will contain the exact parameters as in the Web Redirect examples for customer redirect back but without the `amount` and `currency` parameters. See below further details:

Merchant Asynchronous Notifications fields

Order (pSign)Field NameDetailsMinMaxTypeRequired
01responseCodeResponse code status11NumberYes
02reasonCodeReason code - detailed status information13NumberYes
03transactionIDAPI transaction ID164StringYes
04orderIDThe unique Merchant Order ID164StringYes
05executedThe execution date/time representation; format (YYYY-mm-dd HH:mm:ss)119StringYes
06bankResultCodeAcquiring Bank result code132StringNo*
07bankAuthCodeAcquiring Bank authorize code132StringNo*
08pSignThe SHA signature used to secure protocol4040StringYes

* Please note that `bankResultCode` and `bankAuthCode` fields may not returned, or they could be empty - depending on the acquirer or transaction result.

Example Merchant Asynchronous Notifications (Server to Server):

[POST URL] [MERCHANT'S URL] (from initial transactional call used in `notifyURL` field)