The following Integration Guide is intended to assist developers to integrate their applications with the Intrapay Payments Platform. The API provides methods that allow third parties to execute end-to-end e-commerce transactions which we will call STP (STP = Straight Through Processing) or Web Redirect transactions. Intrapay can also be used to accept payments via China Union Pay and Instant bank transfers.

Intrapay Basics and Requirements

The Intrapay API is an integral part of the Processing Platform and its functions can be securely accessed by Web and Mobile Platforms via HTTPS. The API requirements are very straightforward thus making integration a relatively easy task; in order to complete the integration all that is needed is a service (program) that will use HTTPS and will securely communicate with our services. The only strict requirement is a) to follow the Intrapay integration protocol (described later in this document) and b) to use the correct endpoint, parameters and protocol signing algorithm as provided by your Intrapay representative.

We also recommend that you secure your data communication by using high-grade SSL encryption, with 128 bit as the minimum required level (and 256 bit preferred). Our protocol has been designed with high security in mind, however this should not absolve our users from employing best practices.

Purpose of this documentation

The following API documentation is intended for use by Merchants developers and/or other technical counterparties and assumes a basic knowledge of e-commerce transaction processing and programming skills. The instructions contained herein provide detailed integration guidance to Intrapay API, covering functionality such as standard transactions processing, double step transactions (authorize/capture), 3D Secure, Refund Operations, Data exporting and the other services provided.

Functionality and Business Logic Notes

The principles and protocol described in this documentation are acquirer agnostic, providing a single integration method through which merchants can connect to multiple acquirers.
Some of the functionality described herein may be restricted to some merchants depending on the level of service arrangement with Intrapay or the acquiring institutions.